Advice and Tips 

You can find out more about hearing problems on our web pages. By doing so you will have already taken the first important step, because the treatment of a hearing problem always begins by you admitting that you can no longer hear as well as you would like. The second step is to find the right hearing professional and the right device. If the device is to do its job and last for several years, it is important to maintain the device appropriately with regular cleanings and check ups. Find out more in our free “Buyer’s Guide”. It will guide you reliably to the right provider and the right hearing aid.

Correct Procedure

Find out what to do if you suffer from hearing loss.

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Optimal Preparation

Find out how best to prepare for the meeting with a hearing specialist.

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The Simplest Way

Find out how to contact a hearing specialist directly.

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Get Free Hearing Aid Batteries!

Order a pack of batteries free of charge.

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