How Hearing Aids Work

Hearing and understanding are to some extent abilities that we have to learn. If hearing loss means that certain sounds for example, in the high-frequency range, are no longer forwarded to the brain, then the brain gradually forgets how to interpret these sounds. It literally forgets how to hear. Part of the hearing spectrum gets lost. In the case of moderate hearing loss, up to 100% of the lost capability can be relearnt. One of the functions of a hearing aid is to act as a kind of "trainer" for the brain in order to regain lost hearing.

What can hearing aids do for you?


Hearing aids allow the wearer to understand speech more clearly and to hear sounds which would otherwise be inaudible due to hearing loss. Hearing aids expand the restricted bandwidth of the acoustic environment. Soft and high-pitched tones are audible once more, specific sounds and shades of meaning can be distinguished.